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  1. If this can apply for ambulance, then is good, especially when the traffic right cause traffic jam, might block ambulance way, so once 5G can be control when ambulance pass by , then the light will be green ... How come can so fast 100 times??
  2. Actually right now all aircond device are coming with the connection in phone... Me too... i am so curious too, why 5G should be launch ya??
  3. sekarang kat luar negara telah launch 5G ni, dan mereka implement kat kereta tu, dan line kat setiap public transport
  4. somboi

    phone 5g mahal?

    Well thing might be expensive, who knows, as long as we can the new thing right??
  5. Not only for daily use, they also may use it for industry routine, because they need 5G to build... Really are they have own infra too??
  6. somboi

    phone 5g mahal?

    I think this is make more efficient, because as we can spend a little time on work then we can learn another new thing, good for 5G and good for human being
  7. I heard drone can use it for farmer in order to save time, is it can be happen??
  8. Because in their mindset, as long as those human are satisfy on 4G, why Telco should be run for 5G??
  9. what i know is the biggest Telco, Maxis and Celcom they collaborate to launch the 5G LTE only apply for 4G, 5G must be different
  10. Actually Tm tu line selalu best, line tak putus tau, Telco bagi home fiber, tapi nak link dgn TM line baru ada internet kalau tak, tak ada internet lah
  11. Yang cloud computing tu best, mcm storage kan??
  12. somboi

    bahaya strok

    Sekarang kan zaman 5G, mesti dpt track lokasi, lagi pun robot tu berat, nak curi mcm mana ni??
  13. i think 5G give a large impact which is affect on human being, because majority human are rely on internet, i think 5G able to help human boost the internet and help human to reduced risk on 3C product, because we have health watch to monitor or check our body ...
  14. somboi

    bahaya strok

    Mmg pun, 5G dpt tolong industry tau, seperti Walmart guna robot tu utk jaga kedai tau
  15. If the internet is stable at all then the line must be fast then all the business will be fast and build a lot of employment Because the area just like a small radar, they need to control center with airport, so, 5G is very important to detect on it..
  16. u can try purchase like Diamond brand or any related air filter brand then u can enjoy the clean water Smart Water filter?? what is that??
  17. Tak payah dgn internet kan, mereka ada sense detect, jika orang dekat kat bilik tu atau pintu terbuka, lampu tu akan buka sendiri dan selepas habis guna, lampu akan tutup jika kita habis guna bilik tu Internet juga penting, adakah pernah fikir kat 5G ke tak??
  18. Tapi pesilat tu ada penyakit atau mabuk ke tak, tak akan ditentang oleh pesilat tu dah blacked out kan Mmg mereka ada gelang tangan dpt monitor performance mereka, kalau sakit atau apa penyakit jadi mereka tak akan kat pertandingan tu
  19. I agree with it too... because of those TM and other telco, lead our animal into more health place and make human enjoy a fresh milk The era of 5G make the work life balance, less energy contribute and make more productivity
  20. Malaysia boleh ke wat camtu? Aku takut kena rembat ngn abam polis je nnti bhahahahhaha
  21. Kalau bocor, ada machine dpt detect ke ??
  22. Dpt nak byk cost kan?? Setuju, sbb kerja ambil ubat doctor dan operation, doctor kena buat sendiri
  23. The best way of taking costs out of a health care system is to create a healthier society. I know that sounds a bit clichéd, but ultimately, Let’s treat our populations more proactively and preventively, and less reactively and acutely with new invention of 5G from TM.
  24. This seems like can be replace those human being, but do u think once government apply those procedure, we still can get the job?? Agree, because those 4G only can be apply for internet use, right now can be apply self driving or any machine could be control
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