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  1. aku pun guna app ni sebab malas nk beratur kat kaunter. pastu cepat sikit tak payah tunggu balance dan tak payah beratur kat atm. panjang nau nk ambil duit kat atm tu skrg ni aku semua guna ewallet je. takde cash, cash tu ada sikit je. selagi boleh guna ewallet aku guna sebab ada cashback
  2. somboi

    smart grid 5G

    Cpt nya, sudah nak launch ke?? Knp tak ada LTE ??
  3. Coverage, dan line speed tu, kat luar negara mereka guna 5G utk control kereta atau replace human resources
  4. Tapi wifi ni guna fiber sendiri, kalau 5G fiber ni still jadi ke?? Kat langakawi buat testing ke?? so mcm mana tu??
  5. Whoooo, tak sabar nak try 5G , tapi the real function utk 5G apa ya?? Cpt nya, belum launch dah tau harga ke?? sbb kat opinion aku, still harga friendly, sbb kalau mahal sgt siapa nak??
  6. I believe those company need to store those data into storage and paperless, so data is so important for the company
  7. Yes my house is a penasonic aircond, i able to control the speed and swing function and also the temperature, just one click from my phone
  8. If this can apply for ambulance, then is good, especially when the traffic right cause traffic jam, might block ambulance way, so once 5G can be control when ambulance pass by , then the light will be green ... How come can so fast 100 times??
  9. Smart parking, maksud nya??
  10. Actually right now all aircond device are coming with the connection in phone... Me too... i am so curious too, why 5G should be launch ya??
  11. sekarang kat luar negara telah launch 5G ni, dan mereka implement kat kereta tu, dan line kat setiap public transport Tapi kan waze knp nak 5G lagi utk control??
  12. somboi

    phone 5g mahal?

    Well thing might be expensive, who knows, as long as we can the new thing right??
  13. Not only for daily use, they also may use it for industry routine, because they need 5G to build... Really are they have own infra too??
  14. somboi

    phone 5g mahal?

    I think this is make more efficient, because as we can spend a little time on work then we can learn another new thing, good for 5G and good for human being
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