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  1. my friend said to me that her niece with the age of 5 loves to do gardening with her mother, instead of being attached to mobile phones, gadgets etc. therefore I just want to ask, are there any ways to encourage more children to involve in gardening things like this? not only children, i guess for young adults too as they are attentively towards gadgets nowadays.
  2. they must be a lot of issue, why they mean is for those 5G only apply on Y Generation, how about those senior citizen?? are they familiar on it to use 5G?? besides, those 5G is fast, but how about those air filter broke down, who will going to fix even we use 5G?? are 5G fix it?? Rural area are one of the factors, because rural area are not strong but i think TM Is improve it
  3. TM mmg ada network 5G tapi, tak ada maxis atau celcom coverage line tu tak dpt jalan
  4. bestnya rangkaian internet 5G ni...Kita mesti memanfaatkan ia utk menikmati benefit...
  5. rangkaian akses 5G ni dah diperkenalkan pd bulan Mac 2019.
  6. haa before this aku dah guna digi yg internet cili padi tu tapi coverage dia mehh, mcm umobile.. iklan gempak2 en, tapi hampa umobile coverage kecik, asal pegi mana2 je mesti takde line la, apa la.. bosan betul
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