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  1. hey guys.. do you know what factor caused my bike engine doesn't runs smoothly? it feels like something heavy is held onto the engine and caused frictions.. I owns KTM Duke 990..
  2. lucky123


    Hai gaisss...nak tanya ada tak anyone yang pakai kereta PERODUA ATIVA kat ni? Boleh share experience korang tak? Dan boleh share fuel expenses bulanan korang tak?
  3. heheheh tu la pasai kalau sembur2 fbreeze tu mmg tk tahan lama baju still hapak jugak bila berpeluh.. tu lah kena usha gak tu bajet mesin basuh sekali dryer mesti mahal.. tp kan kawan sy pun ade jugak pakai mesin basuh tu mcam best sbb jimat masa tk yah tunggu lama.. hmm macam tu ke.. dah 1 hal pulak nak bayar org utk service mesin basuh kita haha bantai kena tipu kata rosak lah itu ini lah parah lah gituuu hahaha...
  4. macam mana nak basuh drum tu?? semua mesin punya drum tu sama je ke cara nya?? alamakkk sy basuh kain buruk jugak kat mesin yg sama hahaha ! patut lah baju saya bau hapak.. ye ke? macam leceh jek sebab sy akan lebihkan sabun je bila basuh baju2 sy pegi hiking ke jog macam tu.. tapi still lah bau hapak sikit2 tu sy spray je pewangi mcm fbreeze tu hihi.. tapi memang pening kepala.. kita dah lah keje nak basuh baju kena asing2 kan tu agak leceh dan makan masa
  5. Here some tips, you could make package for students since they dont have reliable source of income. Also for business you would need guide from interior designer since they are quite particular about the type of materials the furniture they are going to use. For 1 pax is about RM3.8k, for 2 pax is much cheaper... but u may want to check the instructor books first... Let’s Do This, Rethink your Marketing Questions and Answer... good content.... plus he is a master of Marketing & Branding, well known in several south east asian country since he have tutor businessman in Singapore, Indonesia also Taiwan.
  6. You need to strategize the business plan, do market research and find out in your area if there is actually customer that is going to pay for this services. Pricing also plays important part right now. Dont overcharge when you are just starting. Went for a marketing and branding masterclass by Mr. Long Yun Siang. Before this i had business plan but didnt go on with the business idea... realized that it couldnt make profit. Instead cramming new ideas, takes sometimes tho but it worth it. You can check this out: https://roar-point.com/marketing-branding-masterclass/
  7. lucky123

    gear menyentap

    Aku pun kereta lama tak jaga cepat rosak... sekarang betul - betul aku jaga. Sampai minyak shell ni pun aku tau ade dynaflex.. fungsi dia kurangkan friction kat engine n kurang kan build up kotoran kat engine. Yang penting guna consisten jgn tukar2... saya pun guna petrol lain dulu... macam - macam petrol cuba last - last pakai satu ni je... sebab minyak tahan lama.. pakai kereta mana - mana pun sama result nye.
  8. lucky123

    gear menyentap

    mmg aku selalu tgk shell ni bnyk positif review dri pengguna. contohnya aku xD haha. tpi mmg x rugi la kalau tukar pun sbb ada banyak yg mennti tau
  9. lucky123

    gear menyentap

    hihi mst ada bro, bila aku guna tk kira la pam apa pon msti dpt extra km tau. hah tak ke jimat tu? sbb x silap dalam sebulan dalam 3 kali je kot aku pam. tpi ni nak lockdown ni, lagi sikitla aku gi isi minyak
  10. lucky123

    gear menyentap

    ikutkan mmg bnyk dh minyak yg jimatkan skrg . selama ni aku guna Shell mmg hebatla marketing diorg smpi kwn2 aku pun bnyk tukar guna ikut sama mcm aku
  11. lucky123

    gear menyentap

    selalunya mmg maslh gearbox klau kaitan masalah dkt reverse ni and mmg tak boleh biar lama sbb nnti boleh effect tmpt lain
  12. Yup the blue ag+ can help kill both bacteria and allergens. Just wash everything i can with the washing machine, bed sheets, pillows, comforter. Fx2 series this one is new model in malaysia, first time i see also suprised by the price range, pretty affordable . https://www.panasonic.com/my/consumer/home-appliances/washer-dryer/front-load-washer/na-v11fx2lmy.html
  13. that;s truee. its very good for household i think especially u have babies and elders at home. its very gentle to clothes
  14. they have Blue ag features that helps clean well. plus the design is simple so maybe if ure not used to any front washer that would be a great choice hihi
  15. ofc u doo. personally i would suggest panasonic since they always been my first choice in electrical appliances. u can check their new washer
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