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  1. tak silap i rental je, kalau you jenis selalu pindah randah sesuai la coway ni utk you takde la nanti you kena angkut banyk benda air cond ni mcm keperluan dah skrg lagipun bukan buka setiap masa kdg2 je. mmg setiap rumah kalau boleh kena ada satu
  2. Da cuba tapi tak jadi apa noks! bosan betul lah
  3. Kebanyakan contest mmg cmtu.. susah lah.
  4. Susah menang ni.. pemenang cuma 100 org. Silap haribulan kroni2x je dpt kehkeh
  5. exactly the same here. if our machine can handle a heavy load, we'll save both time and bills. so that we may avoid doing double-duty laundry
  6. some new washer actually got strong stain removal power and can fit big load too. just buy new washer laa
  7. Wow, a Panasonic machine can also wash pillows and mattresses? Then it will undoubtedly make things simpler for us
  8. Oh my God, Panasonic machine can wash in just 38 minutes? What is an example of the new Panasonic machine function? Seems intriguing
  9. yes i'm sure it can do all the works fast. this cycle has a fast spin speed which means it will dry quicker and generally can complete a full cycle in less than 30 minutes. interesting right??
  10. I purchased my mother an LG front-loading washer last week. She declared how much she cherished the machine. I chose the LG brand since it offers several advantages including steam cleaning and self-cleaning. Furthermore, front-load washers are quieter and more effective at conserving electricity and water
  11. Usually we will rent a fully furnished house or room? Also isnt there hire purchase for everything nowadays?
  12. During this critical time, we should stay at home, pls dont for anywhere, because the case is increased and we dont know yet when will be drop Setel this can help us prevent?? i think this apps is help us to prevent stay crowed at station and we able to take care of us, so we can use this apps right??
  13. Ya as the crowded places, we need to wear mask and keep wash our hand to prevent the virus spread everywhere. But the citizen are not aware about it, it make so worry
  14. Yang ni top up kat apps tu, lepas tu pilih pump station dan click tu nombor tu dan start isi minyak dah tapi ni kan tak seperti ni setel, boleh tukar point dan tu nak earn point sgt murah tau kad selalu hilang, sekarang dah ada apps ni, senang dah mmg, sekarang ni sgt bahaya tau, mesti nak ajak satu adult lagi utk jaga
  15. Setel utk petrol tu, knp ni bagus, aku bayar dgn touch n go dpt RM 5 cash back Oh utk mesra ke?? tapi boleh check harga minyak ke tak?? Tak lah utk minyak apps je
  16. ya, sbb mereka start kat langkawi dulu, kalau ada masalah boleh resolve kat sana dulu Tapi nak tukar ke TM nak tunggu dulu kan, sbb 5G belum dtg ke KL kan??
  17. They must have own infra so, that meant they line full cover all entire Malaysia, we dont worry the problem I think that they are not collaborate with each other they have their own reason, so i believe we have option to choose which Telco is benefit to us.
  18. But those speed and coverage is better, how about for industry are they are using 5G too?? because 5G should be apply in industry We believe TM launch this 5G improve our daily life make more convenient right??
  19. aku guna app tu la skrg kalau nk isi minyak tapi sayangnya ramai yg tak tahu tak rajin nk pergi atm pastu pergi kaunter bayar pulak. kita kena bijak betul tak
  20. Ye setel app petronas, untuk bayar petrol tu. pastu cepat sikit tak payah tunggu balance dan tak payah beratur kat atm. panjang nau nk ambil duit kat atm tu skrg ni aku semua guna ewallet je. takde cash, cash tu ada sikit je. selagi boleh guna ewallet, guna ewallet.
  21. somboi

    smart grid 5G

    Cpt nya, sudah nak launch ke?? Betul juga tu.. Dah kalau bnyak manfaat stand alone ni, lagi boleh berfungsi dgn baik. Yg bukan stand alone pun boleh je, cuma lagi efektif bukan
  22. Coverage, dan line speed tu, kat luar negara mereka guna 5G utk control kereta atau replace human resources
  23. Tapi wifi ni guna fiber sendiri, kalau 5G fiber ni still jadi ke?? Kat langakawi buat testing ke?? so mcm mana tu??
  24. Cpt nya, belum launch dah tau harga ke?? sbb kat opinion aku, still harga friendly, sbb kalau mahal sgt siapa nak??
  25. I believe those company need to store those data into storage and paperless, so data is so important for the company
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