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  1. Untuk yang kaki kraftangan, share dekat korang link ni, idea untuk recycle untuk tambahkan lawa rumah tu. Actually byk barang hiasan rumah korang tu yang boleh dibuat sendiri. JImat duit, masa nak membuat je la ambik sikit. https://www.pinterest.com/missdigm/renovation-reuse-recycle-diy/
  2. After quite some searching i found out that some house are furnished and some is not. I will be offering portable furnitures too. I am thinking that some student may want to rent tables, lamp. Or some people on a business trip, long business trip that will stay here for 3 month that need to use, office desk. Oh my, i guess i really need to make some more searching to make sure this works. How much is the course price? I read some where they make you sign a contract which stipulates all aspects of the condition of the item upon return. The company inspects the item upon pick-up, takes photographs, and deducts anything in breach of the contract from your deposit
  3. I’m looking at starting a furniture rental business, whereby I would by items of furniture (e.g sofa set) and then rent to someone. I have already found a first customer who would do this, however I wanted to ask where I would stand legally with this set. Please see example of detail below: Buy Sofa Set for RM2000 / rent to a customer for RM60 per month for a set period of time, and then when they are finished with the furniture items, simple return back to my storage place. I would own the items, and the customer would simply be paying for the use of this, no payments towards owning these. Any advice / comments would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Telco kena main peranan la buat infra 5g di luar bandar sekali Kena pakai 5g la boss, kan sekarang zaman 5g
  5. Smart watch tu mesti guna line 5g kan baru dapat berfungsi dengan betul Jangan risau sekarang tm dah ada 5g dah memang confirm laju
  6. Telco lain mana ada infra tu diorang buat non stand alone... mesti bertahun tahun baru siap Soon lah tu tm kan coverage memang luas. Selama ni memang tm je pun yg cover area luar bandar
  7. tu la patutnya kerajaan invest sikit duit pakai smart lamp yang penting boleh save electricity...
  8. ye kot smart watch tu pakai internet juga kan? banyak je apps macam ni sekarang cuma accurate dengan tak je
  9. Memang nak tukar pun Tengah tunggu 5g available dekat area rumah aku je, sbb dgr kes2 5g diorang yg selalu keluar berita skang ni kan Nanti tm dah ada 5g berkali ganda lagi laju dari yang sekarang, sbab stand alone kan, sape je tak nak guna hahaha
  10. Yea tm is doing a lot of smart apps now such as smart city for tourism, hoping for all states will include in the app later on then hehe Yea tm do such fast work, and efficient too, perhaps other telco can learn from them. but why not they collab together ya hmm
  11. cuaca hari sekarang panas gila , nak cari air cond yang cepat sejuk tapi entahlah air-cond mana yang ok sikit , boleh tolong sikit x kawan2
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