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  1. Jom kongsi cara korang tracjk monthly expenses.. aku masih lagi buat akaunting kat buku.
  2. They have collaborate with each others Not only applicable in daily life, they also can be apply for office especially those company need to store those date in the storage, so 5G is ready for this
  3. Yang ni rumah aku ada, dgn guna smart phone dpt control dah... Kos 5G tinggi ke, sbb hanya transfer from 4G ke 5G tak payah byk kos kan??
  4. Selain transmission of transfer data lagi cpt, mereka ada 5G storage tau
  5. Smart parking ni tak ckp, kalau kat traffic jam dpt tau kat apps atau kat kereta tu kan best
  6. Minahh

    phone 5g mahal?

    U mean save time right, this is because as the technology come with 5G then we can save time, and utilize this time to learn others thing
  7. What i know TM have his own Infra...
  8. As Maxis and Celcom too, they are collaborate with each other, so, they still in initial step, have to wait for them
  9. Minahh

    phone 5g mahal?

    Selain resolve lag problem, mereka juga improve quota dan coverage jg, jadikan seluruh Malaysia dpt guna 5G ni
  10. Minahh

    phone 5g mahal?

    Lagi Tm nak stand alone buat 5G, the first TM 5G akan launch dan kita dpt guna line yg cpt tau
  11. Those 5G can improve those communication, so, a cheaper and enjoy the faster line to communicate with others
  12. here is link which is able to understanding, http://www.emfexplained.info/?ID=25916 what is 5G
  13. Low cost enjoy the fastest line, because what we use just a small portion, this 5G should be implement to industry...
  14. Right now, those 5G like Maxis Celcom TM , i think they are pioneer too launch this 5G , and make them have free car park. just like we can booking at the apps and without paying anything ... I think not only on parking lot, might be the shop will without with any shopkeeper or any promoter at the shop, they might be replace the robot or AI just like Walmart, they launch with no shopkeeper, and this robot can make more intelligent ...
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