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  1. Bukan TM dah buat smart city app ke? Ada dlm tu pasal traffic la apa la sekitar langkawi ni, ada juga baca pasal yg tanam sayur cuaca dingin tu kt tmpt panas je, mmg amazed la
  2. already got 5g in subang what? so there will be 5g to other states sooner, so no worries then even people got past history, why telco cannot. but it seems nowadays, tm services much better compare to others, especially with their customer service. so different then
  3. Skrg ni nak travel pun tak yah susah2. I tgok tm sendiri dah perkenalkan virtual holiday app, senang hahaha! Dah ada ke app tu? Ini lagi bagus dpd berangan je kan hahaha
  4. usually lazada n shopee of course, i will take locally as the delivery time is shorter, not patient enough to wait. is that the ewallet, i see some of my friend use it , but not convincing enough for me to install it.
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