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  1. i get what u meannn. because when i was a teenagers i also bought lots of electrical appliance at kedai murah je like that and it doesn't stay long. and it making my hair worst than before
  2. yaa i also would not go for cheap hair dryer since it will affect our root hair as well. but since it's multifunc i think most of us are willing to spend on it. orr maybe wait on sale
  3. yep..Revlon affordable I think, their make up all frm drugstore
  4. hmmm but from the link u gave rightt, i think it's a quite expensive la because i dont know if it's good enough to use them
  5. nopee im using CPS hair doctor. u can also buy them online now under rm20 if im not mistaken. so far im using it, i have no bad experiences with it. maybe u can try too!
  6. which shop u buy,can share me link?cz I wanna browse also haha
  7. the other thing is, i guess y'all need to find decent hair tools
  8. im using castor oil currently. and it's pretty good even the progress is lttle slow. for hair mask its better to use after u shampoo because depends on which type u using. either have to wash again or not. and use them only 1 or 2 times in a week then after dry u can proceed with your hair tonic
  9. i think u can start using any hair oil or serum to avoid them getting frizzy as well. organic oil is much recommended hehe u also can la. try on hair tonic or use aloe vera as your hair mask. that would help too!
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