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Muslim Di Malaysia Memilih Dalam Boikot

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Menurut dalam artikel the star di http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2014/08/17/Selective-in-their-outrage-Why-do-Muslims-in-Malaysia-get-all-fired-up-over-atrocities-committe/


There is a need to highlight Gaza as a humanitarian issue instead of a religious one, VPM’s Jamilah concedes, but it is tough when the Malays themselves treat it as a Muslim issue while ultra Malays hijack it for their own purposes.


Menurut penulis juga, ini disebabkan oleh kurang kesedaran, dan perananan media.


Ramai rakyat Malaysia di facebook mengambil kesempatan untuk menghentam orang Islam Malaysia atas pebandingan isu di Palestin (Israel) dan Iraq (ISIL).

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