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Aztech Homeplug

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[quote][img]http://images.lowyat.net/aztech/%5B100309%5Daztechhlav%20-%2001.JPG[/img] Still remember the [b]Aztech Homeplug HL106E[/b] that we [url="http://www.lowyat.net/v2/latest/aztech-to-release-new-homeplug-pln-adaptor-in-february-2.html"]posted[/url] few months ago? Turns out, the HL106E is not the only new [b]HomePlug[/b] device around. [b]Aztech[/b] ([url="http://www.aztech.com/my/"]http://www.aztech.com/my/[/url]) has just added two more new models - [b]HL110E[/b] and [b]HL110EW[/b] - into HomePlug’s 2010 line up, together with three different variations of [b]HomePlug Starter Kits[/b].

We have recently got an opportunity to check all of them during a media briefing with the good people at Aztech. Jump in to find out more.

[img]http://images.lowyat.net/aztech/%5B100309%5Daztechhlav%20-%2002.JPG[/img] [b][u]HomePlug AV HL110E and HL110EW[/u][/b]

The Aztech HomePlug AV series are designed for data heavy applications such as High Definition (HD) multimedia contents streaming, large sized file transfers and game consoles. Each of the HomePlug AV products has a maximum throughput of 200Mbps in order to cope with those applications.

In essence, both HL110E and HL110EW models have relatively same features except that the latter is also an 802.11n wireless access point and equipped with two Ethernet ports. The HL110E has a retail price of RM 139 each, while the HL110EW is priced at RM 249.

[b][u]HomePlug Starter Kits[/u][/b]

Aztech has also come out with Homeplug Starter Kit bundles that should be able to assist users in building a HomePlug network at their premise. Each kit contains two HomePlug devices and as we mentioned earlier, they come in three variations:

[indent] - HL106E Starter Kit: featuring two HL106E HomePlug Turbo Ethernet Adaptor

- HL110E Starter Kit: featuring two HL110E HomePlug AV Ethernet Adaptor

- HL110W Starter Kit: featuring one HL110E HomePlug AV Ethernet Adaptor and one HL110EW HomePlus AV Wireless-N Extender

[/indent] They are priced at RM 189, RM 259 and RM 359 respectively.


aku nak tanye la sape yg penah gune benda ni ???? ada ape2 problem ke ?? cam ne nak gune ?

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nak gune senang jerk...blh plug kat mane2 power source dlm rumah. benda ni cam ganti network cable la..cume die connect gune kabel elektrik

nak setup dah lupe camne..tapi takde la susah sgt..die akan auto detect

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