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  1. yea makes sense..if wanna buy cheap stuff have to be wary la of what may happen.
  2. umm for mine it's still ok. maybe bc its still new la
  3. ya but I heard the makeup test on animals,so I stop buying the makeup..altho its good la,cz I like their lipsticks I buy a lot of Korean makeup now,theyre formula so nice
  4. ya la like expensive..can find cheaper I think, with multifunction....I heard Revlon oso hv hair dryer now
  5. yupp we have to choose them correctly. because it could be the cause of hair problems.
  6. yaa that's tru...if hair problem only typical like frizzy or dry can just try and find products tht suitable can try ask store lah like watsons or guardian for their recommendation mayb they know
  7. try and error?? ummm i think it wouldn't work that much since we need a long time to see the results. it might affect your scalp if u keep changing products. but if your current product is not effective, you have to change it la
  8. yess!! i only buy them on drugstore. im not sure which store i get them but it's a hair mask. so u can do it as your treatment to get silkier hair since we can't go out to salon yet rightt
  9. i suggest u to do this technique where you have to use conditioner before and after shampoo. so then ur hair will be moisturised than ever yupp i think that would help. i used hair mask with coconut oil and it stays silky for 3 days
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