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(nak jual)pelbagai barangan komputer(leadtex gtx260+ extreme)

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1.apacer ram ddr 512mb pc2700-sold to kokokorn
harge rm30
usia barang x tahu

2. maxtor diamond max plus 9 80gb sata hdd-sold to mon678
harge rm50
usia barang x tahu

3. intel soket 775 heatsink fan
harge 25 utk biase nye base
harge 35 utk copper base
usia barang x tahu

4. ati radeon 9800 agp kad-sold to kokokorn
harge rm30
usia barang x tahu

5. motherboard biostar 865g micro 478 ver 1.1 -sold to kokokorn

6.prosesor 2.8ghz 478 soket skali heatsink fan-sold to din
rm 70
usia barang x tahu

PS-waranti untuk semua barang seminggu dari aku
keadaaan barang masih baik...
sila pm utk maklumat lebih lanjut...

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hdd maxtor tue ade lagi tak?rm50 masuk pos ker?

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salam puteranian... --->sold to ayoi
ade brg lagi
motherboard intel 945gcnl
rm 100
masih sealed lagi
spec dia leh nengok intel website
cod or postage
waranti sebulan dr aku

pakej termasuk backplate sahaja...

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ade brg lagi..
intel dp965lt motherboard-sold to lyn forumer
usia brg x tahu
seminngu waranti dr aku
cod atau pun postage
lokasi aku di kepong.
http://processormatch.intel.com/CompDB/SearchResult.aspx?Boardname=dp965ltutk prosesor yg ngam utk motherboard ini.

Item(s):crucial ballistix tracer 1066mhz(1gbx2)=2gb

Package includes:ram

Price:rm140-sold to lyn forumer

Warranty:lifetime warantty from crucial(one month personal waranty from me)

Dealing method:cod or postage

Location of seller:kepong

Contact method/details:pm

Age of item:about one year


Item(s) conditions:good(new unit from rma)


Reason for sale:need money

p/s-ram version-bl12864al1065.8fe5
-1066mhz [email protected]
-after one month warranty from me u can claim warranty to crucial by bro shawty

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