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  1. Minimum Payment, Maximum Pain !!! ade sikit petikan yg aku dapat dari internet dan aku rasa info nih sangat berguna untuk card credit holder !!! The big secret of the modern credit-card industry is that issuers of plastic are in no hurry to see you pay off your debt. In fact, they make a lot more money if you make only the minimum monthly payment. And they're smart enough to know that if they ratchet down the minimum amount due low enough -- say, to around 2.5% of the total balance, which is where it's been lately -- you'll keep spending money, and they can make a fortune on you. It's not in card issuers' interests for you to understand that if you borrow $10,000 on your credit cards and pay only the minimum payment with an interest rate of 19.98%, it will take you more than 37 years to get out of debt -- and before you do, you will have forked over nearly $19,000 in interest charges. The government has been pressuring the card companies to raise their monthly minimums. As a result of the recently enacted Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act, but sekarang nih even rm1500.00 pun dah entitle !!! But this, by itself, this won't solve the problem. If you're carrying a balance on any of your cards and don't want to be paying through the nose, you should still make a point of forking out more than the minimum payment. Your goal should be to pay at least twice the minimum every month. Assuming you aren't being charged an outrageous interest rate, you should be able to pay off your balance in less than five years just by doing this. So do it! one more thing apa kate korang ambik gunting dan potong terus credit card korang tuh !!! aku tahu memang seronok !! masa nak tenyeh credit card tuh cam ade satu feeling jer !!! tapi ingat hutang yg harus dibayar nanti !!
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