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  1. [font="Arial"]solaris box crashed? dan tak tahu kenapa crashed tapi boss bising suruh buat root cause analysis (RCA) ? jangan risau ni jalan paling mudah untuk baca dump files tapi kalau nak lebih2 kena la study lg.[/font] [font="Verdana"]bash-3.00# uname -a;uptime SunOS sunclus1 5.10 Generic_142901-08 i86pc i386 i86pc 4:18pm up 16 min(s), 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.30, 0.88 bash-3.00# ls bounds unix.0 vmcore.0 bash-3.00# pwd /var/crash/sunclus1 bash-3.00# mdb -k unix.0 vmcore.0 Loading modules: [ unix krtld genunix dtrace specfs cpu.generic uppc pcplusmp ufs mpt ip hook neti sctp arp usba fctl nca lofs zfs cpc random crypto fcip ptm sppp nfs ] > ::status debugging crash dump vmcore.0 (64-bit) from sunclus1 operating system: 5.10 Generic_142901-08 (i86pc) panic message: Reservation Conflict Disk: /[email protected],0/pci15ad,[email protected]/[email protected],0 dump content: kernel pages only >[/font] [font="Arial"]so dari sini kita tahu la server crashed sebab ada disk conflict.[/font] [font="Arial"]error message yg ada dari syslog cuma ini[/font] [font="Verdana"]Aug 12 16:00:49 sunclus1 cl_dlpitrans: [ID 624622 kern.notice] Notifying cluster that this node is panicking[/font] [font="Arial"]selamat menyambut Ramadhan [/font]
  2. raid 1 ni guna solaris volume manager atau di kenali dgn nama disksuite. buat masa tgh2 bosan di ofis , guna virtualbox. ada 2 disk dalam system ni ada 2 disk, c0d0 dgn c0d1. 1 - create slice c0d1s0 # format /dev/rdsk/c0d1 2 - create metadb in slice 7 # metadb -a -f -c 3 /dev/dsk/c0d0s7 /dev/dsk/c0d1s7 3 - Create metadevices for mirroring # metainit -f d30 1 1 c0d0s0 # metainit d20 1 1 c0d1s0 4 - Create (one-way) mirrored device # metainit d50 -m d30 5 - Change /etc/vfstab and /etc/system by executing metaroot command # metaroot d50 6 - reboot the system # init 6 7 - Attach d20 to mirror # metattach d50 d20 8 - configure grub commented findroot (rootfs0,0,a) #---------- ADDED BY BOOTADM - DO NOT EDIT ---------- title Solaris 10 5/09 s10x_u7wos_08 X86 #findroot (rootfs0,0,a) kernel /platform/i86pc/multiboot module /platform/i86pc/boot_archive #---------------------END BOOTADM-------------------- #---------- ADDED BY BOOTADM - DO NOT EDIT ---------- title Solaris failsafe findroot (rootfs0,0,a) kernel /boot/multiboot kernel/unix -s module /boot/x86.miniroot-safe #---------------------END BOOTADM-------------------- 9 - configure MBR on second disk # installgrub \ > /boot/grub/stage1 \ > /boot/grub/stage2 \ > /dev/rdsk/c0d1s0 10 - reboot ## uname -a;uptime;metastat -a SunOS unknown 5.10 Generic_139556-08 i86pc i386 i86pc 4:11pm up 13 min(s), 1 user, load average: 0.04, 1.54, 2.79 d50: Mirror Submirror 0: d30 State: Okay Submirror 1: d20 State: Resyncing Resync in progress: 0 % done Pass: 1 Read option: roundrobin (default) Write option: parallel (default) Size: 14626816 blocks (7.0 GB) d30: Submirror of d50 State: Okay Size: 14626816 blocks (7.0 GB) Stripe 0: Device Start Block Dbase State Reloc Hot Spare c0d0s0 0 No Okay Yes d20: Submirror of d50 State: Resyncing Size: 18763920 blocks (8.9 GB) Stripe 0: Device Start Block Dbase State Reloc Hot Spare c0d1s0 0 No Okay Yes Device Relocation Information: Device Reloc Device ID c0d1 Yes id1,[email protected]_HARDDISK=VBd799ae29-da999860 c0d0 Yes id1,[email protected]_HARDDISK=VBe478ec6a-851e59c1 # # df -h Filesystem size used avail capacity Mounted on /dev/md/dsk/d50 6.9G 3.3G 3.5G 49% / /devices 0K 0K 0K 0% /devices ctfs 0K 0K 0K 0% /system/contract proc 0K 0K 0K 0% /proc mnttab 0K 0K 0K 0% /etc/mnttab swap 1.3G 912K 1.3G 1% /etc/svc/volatile objfs 0K 0K 0K 0% /system/object sharefs 0K 0K 0K 0% /etc/dfs/sharetab fd 0K 0K 0K 0% /dev/fd swap 1.3G 36K 1.3G 1% /tmp swap 1.3G 20K 1.3G 1% /var/run # p/s: selamat pengantin baru abang fryshadow.
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