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  1. need ur help :( Ada sapa2 x yg penah guna WPF? harap2 ada la yg boleh membantu... In my wpf, i have successfully saved the selected checkboxes in my database. But i got issue on how to display the checked checkboxes. Lets say there are 7 checkboxes in total, and user ticked 3 out of them. I was able to retrieve the Checkbox_id from database through webservice, but how to bind it to checkboxes? ni table yg aku save checkbox_id: User_ID : 1 Widget_ID : 1,2,3 It should only checked the selected id (1,2,3), but all i got is the whole checkboxes are checked. Please help me fix this...below is my code:   xaml: xaml.cs: XDocument doc = XDocument.Parse(e.Result); var query = from i in doc.Descendants("ResultTable") select i; foreach (XElement item in query) { selectedWidget = item.Element("Widget_ID").Value; } for (Int32 i = LBWidget.Items.Count - 1; i >= 0; i--) { ListBoxItem item = LBWidget.ItemContainerGenerator.ContainerFromIndex(i) as ListBoxItem; ContentPresenter myContentPresenter = FindVisualChild(item); DataTemplate dataTemplate = myContentPresenter.ContentTemplate; CheckBox chk = dataTemplate.FindName("chk", myContentPresenter) as CheckBox; if (selectedWidget != null) { chk.IsChecked = true; } }
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