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  1. Download ada di bawah. | | | V QUOTEPerl Video Tutorial Author - Joshua Mostafa Total Time - 7.5 Hours Author Joshua Mostafa takes users through the versatile and powerful programming language known as PERL, a server side language whose primary duty is to handle dynamic content and service clients on the Internet. What separates PERL from other scripting languages is its flexibility. Users don't need to code in a certain way to effectively use PERL and have fun doing it. Joshua shows you what tools you need to get started in PERL and what resources to visit in order to perfect your scripting. Start learning now by clicking one of the topics below! (To view the movies below, you must have QuickTime installed) Concepts Welcome: what is Perl? Perl and the Web Static Web content Dynamic Web content What you'll need: 1 What you'll need: 2 Your first script: 'hello world' Running your first script on a web server First Steps Program flow Variables Strings and quotes More about strings Basic operators Combined operators More combined operators Data Types Scalars Working with arrays More about arrays Array functions More array functions Multidimensional arrays Taking elements out of arrays More array manipulation Working with hashes Extracting data from hashes Multidimensional hashes Now you try: Data Types Making Choices Introducing conditionals Conditional operators Conditional blocks The equality operator String comparison operators 'else' clauses The 'elsif ladder' Logical operators Nested conditionals Now you try: Choices Loops and Control Structures Repetition: the 'while' loop Using the 'while' loop The 'do..while' loop Iteration: the 'for' loop Looping over an array Nested loops The 'foreach' loop Now you try: Loops Strings and Pattern Matching Extracting a substring Locating a substring: 1 Locating a substring: 2 Changing case Here-document style strings Introducing regular expressions Matching simple patterns Case-insensitive pattern matching Matching globally Wildcards Character sets: 1 Character sets: 2 Quantifiers Using quantifiers: 1 Using quantifiers: 2 Alternation Subpatterns: 1 Subpatterns: 2 Greedy vs non-greedy quantifiers Examples of non-greedy matching Replacing using patterns Subpattern replacement: 1 Subpattern replacement: 2 Now you try: Strings Interacting With The Filesystem Reading from a file Writing to a file: 1 Writing to a file: 2 Writing to a file: 3 Reading a file's contents at once Changing the default output filehandle Reading user input from the command line An interactive shell script Refining the script: 1 Refining the script: 2 The script complete Working with directories Changing the current working directory Running executable files: 1 Running executable files: 2 Command-line arguments Now you try: Interacting with Filesystems CGI Running a CGI script on 'localhost' Checking errors Uploading your script: 1 Uploading your script: 2 Environment variables: 1 Environment variables: 2 Serving HTML The query string Accessing GET variables Handling URL-encoded characters Using HTML forms Reading POST data Now you try: CGI Intermediate Coding Techniques Reusing code Subroutines Arguments Returning a value Explicit returns Variable scope Modules and Packages: 1 Modules and Packages: 2 Database Interactivity Perl and databases Connection handles Statement handles Running the script Using placeholders in SQL Now you try: Database Interactivity Download : http://rapidshare.com/files/23176415/Perl_VidTuts.rar Dalam RAR ini ada 113 Files/video dan berformat .mov iaitu boleh di open guna Quicktime Player. Aku ambil masa dalam 4 hari belajar perl, sudah bosan . Enjoy .
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