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  1. Planning want to buy a mobile device? Scare yourself be cheated? Here some step to show you as a guide. 1. Make a call to a person to check whether the mobile device can to be speak clearly to the receiver & listen clearly from the receiver. 2. Take a charger to charge that mobile device to confirm it whether is work or not. 3. Take a handsfree to connect to mobile device to confirm it whether is work or not. 4. Take a look on the metal part of charging part & the battery part which on the mobile device see whether have some lichen / smear (KOTORAN) or not. (If got, it just means that mobile device is been drop into water before.) 5. On the camera from that mobile device & take a finger to press it on the camera lens there. (Must cover all the camera lens become darkness.) (If you found a small dot on that mobile device there, it just means that mobile device has the dead pixels.) 6. Press all the key on that mobile device to check whether all the key is function or not. 7. Test the speaker by loudly (MAX VOLUME) with the ringtone , mp3 , wave & etc to check whether is clear & loud or not. 8. Check the screw which have been pasted with the warranty sticker. (If spoil / void, it just means your warranty for that mobile device is gone) 9. Check whether that mobile device is contain with the SIRIM sticker & the distributor sticker or not. (It just for the warranty purpose) & make sure that the warranty card must be chop by their company stamp & provide the receipt. 10. Check the memory card also during the checking process before deal. [OPTIONAL] 11. Press *#92702689# to check the life timer, see whether is NEW / RECON set. For SE phone,press >*<<*<* to test the phone itself... < - Keypad/joystick left > - Keypad/joystick right * - The star button,beside your 0 in most phone Addon: check the manufactured date from the back of the phone. a new set / ap set shouldn't be too far away. the further it is, the higher the chance it is a recond set, very old stock or problematic set that is not sold. go into the phone deeply, go through each folders and files, search for any trace that indicate it has been used before, address book, call time, sms inbox outbox, pictures etc etc. some seller is careless enough to leave these traces when they sell a recond set. last but not least, specifically for SE, key in the sequence as said by sasaug above. there is a test menu to test most of the hardware of the phone (mic, vibration, flash light, camera, keypad etc etc). more to come. IMEI is written on the sticker at the back of the phone. then further check by key-in *#06# (this code works in all brands) to make sure it is same as the one written on the sticker. it is written on the box as well, though imei on phone might not match imei on box for ap set. Erm regarding the SIRIM sticker, don't put that much stock in it. I've seen this shop in Low Yat before that have the stickers by the score and they were sticking it onto their fake batteries. So yeah. What you see is not necessarily what you get Also try transferring data from the memory card to phone memory. Try to fill up the phone memory and copy back to the memory card. Phone's memory might be corrupted. sumber Low Yat.net Aloyz
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