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Analisis Barang Yg Ada Di Dlm Hard Disk Anda Dgn Mudah!

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Analisis barang yg ada di dlm hard disk anda dgn mudah! kadangkala terlalu bnyk file yg besar mungkin tidak digunakan lagi yg memakan ruang yg bnyk. mana yg belum tau la. huhu. lbh kurang tuneup disk explorer tp aku prefer ni. WinDirStat

P/s : dlm gmbr ni, window 7 image backup aku smpi 23gb? laptop org lain aku tngk tak smpi 10gb pun. nape aku punye backup besar sngt? smpi 23gb. padahal C partition aku cuma 9GB free drpd 39GB. pelik


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sbb die backup C msok dlm D...
try tgk ko nye backup setting...bpe backup dlm seminggu
cam ak,ak xon pon backup tu.....buat rugi space je
tgk [url="http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/1838/using-backup-and-restore-in-windows-7/"]website[/url] ni utk ubah setting backup tu....backup mende2 yg penting je..

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