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Aikasea Releasing On 31St March! Registrations Open!

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Hey guys, just noted that AIKASEA has something all other services does not.
VIP Status! O.o

CBT a.k.a Battle of the Garrison - 31st March to 4th April
Launch - 12th April

Check this out - http://aika.asiasoftsea.net/announcement/news/attain_vip_status

For those who are not familiar with AIKASEA, here is a brief introduction.


Official AIKASEA Website:

Main Features of AIKA:
1) Nation War (Relic and Altar War)
2) Castle Siege
3) Battlefield
4) Elter Arena
5) Dungeons
6) Pran a.k.a pet system
You can find more information from the website.

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