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Magic World Online Mall

message from Magic world Online GM

We are happy to announce that you can start to purchase Platinum Codes from our website today. With the new Platinum Points you purchase, you will certainly enjoy more fun and convenience in the Magic World.


There are 5 types of Platinum Codes available, and you may purchase them via 2 different payment methods: Paypal/Creditcard or Western Union. Please see details at the table below:

Code Type Platinum Points Price (USD) Payment Method

Type A 150 7.99 Paypal/CC

Type B 300 14.99 Paypal/CC

Type C 1000 46.99 Paypal/CC

Type D 3000 135.00 Western Union

Type E 8000 340.00 Western Union

You may purchase the above Platinum Codes by visiting here .

After the purchase, you may credit the Platinum Code into your account by visiting here .

To reward our players, we have decided that we will reward you with 10% extra Platinum Points, when you make your purchase before 11:59pm (PST) of May 31, 2008. For example, you purchase a Type A code for 7.99 USD, and instead of getting 150 Platinum Points, you will get 165 Platinum Points.

If you experience any problem purchasing or crediting Platinum Codes, please fill out the problem report here or email to [email protected]

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