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  1. br goog td..

    Shoshinsha mark
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    Wakaba markThe Shoshinsha mark (初心者マーク?) or Wakaba mark (若葉マーク?) is a green and yellow V-shaped symbol that new Japanese drivers must display on their cars for one year. A driver must display this mark one in front of the car, and one on back of the car, after they obtain a standard driver's licence, for one year. This obligation is only for a standard license, not for motorcycles, large vehicles, special cars, and so on. Drivers who consider themselves beginners may also continue to display the sign, even if they have passed a year period. This was introduced in 1972.

    Its official name is The Beginner Drivers' Sign (初心運転者標識, shoshin untensha hyōshiki?). Conversely, the orange and yellow "Fukushi mark" or "Koreisha mark" denotes elderly drivers. Both marks are designed to warn other drivers that the marked driver is not very skilled, either due to inexperience or old age.

    [edit] Other uses
    The Shoshinsha mark are commonly seen on topics/tutorials targeted to beginners (whenever it involves driving or not), which having a meaning of "For beginners", "Beginners are welcomed" or so.

    The mark is also used as the logo for the imageboard software Wakaba written in Perl by Turku, Finland-based programmer Dag Ã…gren and by the imageboard index iichan whose indexed imageboards use Wakaba as their software package. The software also features a markup language called Wakabamark.

    The mark is also increasingly being used by JDM enthusiasts in other countries, such as Australia, the U.K and U.S.A. to show their passion and interest in JDM culture.

    This article about the law of Japan is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e

    Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shoshinsha_mark"

    link lg..website nie pon ader bgtaw

  2. mjmax15 wrote:salam otai2 se,
    nk tanya sket, baru2 nih w960i kalau wat normal mode, x leh detect kat pc aku, dah banyak kali cabut dan cucuk kat usb tuh, masih 'totet' 'totet' bunyik unknown usb device.
    fedap aku. rugi rm6 utk activate mobile internet.
    kalau setkan storage mode, ok plak.

    dah tukar2 kabel lain (4 kabel loh)
    masih sama ajer. selama ni okey ajer.
    btw, aku guna win7.

    aku pon kene..kenkadang je ok
    dah tukar kabel,try kat pc laen masih begitu..
    member aku pn kene(pkai SE yg lain dr aku)..smp skrg xleh nak tranfer file
    still xtaw camne nak solve ::icon_sad::

  3. khairul anwar wrote:
    s.k wrote:off topic

    cam ner projektor leh shot dr blkg layar putih.??
    ker ader jenis2 projektor je??

    kalo tak silap aku semua projector ade funtion samada shot dari depan, belakan, or hanging projector,

    sebab semua projeector aku gune ade function ne,

    kalo nak shot dari belakang, kite kene tgk layar putih dia tuer, bukan projector

    owh..thx a lot
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