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+ what goes through your mind when you know you've messed up but cant admit to it.? what goes through my mind is the angel i can use to make sure i dont have to admit that i was wrong. basically look for all the other reasons to backup my wrong desicions because you got to stick your guns. no matter what.! when youre wrong you just keep on going. never admit youre wrong. ever.! once you do youve lostlah and you dont ever want to lose. + if you had breast what would you do.? i would stand in front of the mirror and check myself for breast cancer all day long. haha. + tell your 1st celebrity crush.? alyssa milano from whos the boss.! haha.! now its a toss up between jessica alba and angelina jolie. if i was going new school id go jessica alba. if i going old school id pick angelia jolie bcause shes hot man.! grrr.! shes lara croft.! + if you had to choose between spiderman, superman or batman to save your life who would it be and why.? batman.! hes got the batmobile and thats pretty bloody cool man.! to get the ride in a batmobile would be just the bomb and the kampung gotam is pretty cool. spiderman and superman are cool too but batmans got the gadgets. + sex is..? sex is good and i wish i had it more.! fuh fuh argh.! LOL.! seeing that im am muslim i have to wait till i get married but from what i hear sex is very important thing in a relationship. it sure is fun from what i hear lah.!

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