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Ibm Petaling Jaya

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Salam Semua

Saya baru sahaj dapat offer kerja di IBM Petaling Jaya. Join network project team. Dia kata kena buat voice. Saya dapat tahu team ni byk engineer resign. As per information given by their manager sbb business slow dan engineer boring.

1. Bagaimana working culture kat sana? Team work tak?
2. Ada budaya racist tak sebab saya dapat tahu kat sana x ramai melayu mostly chinese dgn india
3. Bagaimana dengan workload. Overload tak?

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ape kriteria untuk apply keja bgian network ya?saya 6taun keje it support desktop/laptop/cctv/email/sharing printer /baic networking..teringin jugak nak build career ke bidang network..apply2 xde yg menyangkut pn.huhu! 

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