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Kelab Games (Pc Sahaja)

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ada brani main game2 lama Sidmeir. Semua free tak perlu crack.

FreeCiv berdasarkan Civilization 2


FreeCol berdasarkan Colonization


ak mmg pemain tegar Civilization dri dlu lg yg Civilization 2 tu..ak main smua Sidmeir CV dr yg no.2 smpai yg latest nie...tp mmg CV 5 ni mmg cun graphic cun...animation perang great!

Yang nie pun best gak. Boleh create bandar cangih2.



x ado perang2 la haha ak lg suke yg ada perang2 sikit mcm Anno 2070..bina bandar pastu ada perang2 nk defend town kita.



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Hu..hu..hu.. susah betul nak main Anno. Tak tahu nak mula.

emmm tutorial dia ada hampeh cikit..tp kalau pernah main previous anno xada mslh nk kuasai Anno 2070 nie

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