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[wts] Cassettes & Cds, Malay Language Only. (other Audio Devices)

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[b] :salam:[/b]

[b]Item(s):[/b] Cassettes & CDs.

[b]Package includes:[/b] Cassettes & CDs.


[b][color=blue][size=4]RM15 each for cassettes.
RM25 each for CD[/size].[/color][/b]

[b]Warranty:[/b] 1 day.

[b]Dealing method:[/b] Pos ekpress/poslaju.

[b]Location of seller:[/b] Kosas.

[b]Contact method/details:[/b] PM

[b]Age of item:[/b] Years.


[b]Item(s) conditions:[/b] Good.

[b]Picture:[/b] Yes.

[b]Reason for sale:[/b] Not using.


[color=blue]Asmaraloka '79 - '87[/color]


[color=blue]Dinamik - Keunggulan
U.K's - Panas Berpanjangan
Final List - Lahar Cinta
EXIST - Dulu dan sekarang
Malek Ridzuan - 16 pilihan terbaik
Malek Ridzuan - 20 Best of the best[/color]


[color=blue]Khadijah Ibrahim - Nostalgia Vol. 2
Zairani - Yang Terpisah Cumalah Jasadmu
Dayangku Intan - Antara Dua
Yana - Lukisan Kenangan
Susan Lankester - Takdir[/color]


[color=blue]Leina - Hangat
Ziana Zain - Setia Ku Di Sini
Ziana Zain - Madah Berhelah
Sembilu - OST
Maria Mariana
Ziana Zain
Shasha - Sehelai Daun Setitis Embun.[/color]



[color=blue][s]Kasawari - Cinta Abadi[/s] [color=red][size=4]SOLD[/size][/color]
Intan Sarafina - Kembali
Natasha - Dendang Nasihat
Arial - Segalanya Bermula Disini[/color]


[color=blue]Silat Legenda - OST
Tangkap Lentoq - Various Artist
HITZ FMC - Various Artist[/color]
<s>[color=blue]Wan Suhaila[/color]</s> [color=red][size=4]SOLD[/size][/color]

[url="http://img833.imageshack.us/i/dsc03137g.jpg/"][img]http://img833.imageshack.us/img833/8473/dsc03137g.th.jpg[/img][/url] Edited by Jedi

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