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Battlecraft - Online Trading Card Game (Browser Base)

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We are a Malaysian indie game studio. Check out our new game BattleCraft (Beta) at www.gameshydra.com. It's a browser based Fantasy Trading Card Game where players play the role of a commander leading a squad of units into battle.

Some of the current features
1. Story Mode
2. Vs Mode
3. 200 ++ Cards and growing
4. 5 different factions with unique strategies
5. Casual gameplay, with gameplay sessions under 5 mins.

Feel free to give it a spin and share your thoughts with us. We are looking to improve the game and there are plenty of other features planned in the pipeline.

Looking forward to hear from you guys.

BattleCraft boleh dikatakan Game online pertama yang dibuat oleh orang Malaysia sendiri...100% Malaysian Made... :D

Sekarang nih masih dalam stage Beta, so banyak improvement yang sedang dibuat...jadi mereka mengalu alukan komen dan feeback dari players gamers kita disini...

Kalau ada apa apa komen dan cadangan bolehla komen di facebook diaorang atau kat sini...

Jumpa disana sana sanaaaaaaaaa..... Edited by angelbratz

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