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Nak Mencari , Team For Ipcc Next Competition

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We are hiring a team member , specialist to my studio for doing a proposal for MSC IPCC competition
on serius way we provide a housebase studio at EquinPark , for you to come to us and working as like a team .
there is NO PAYMENT is PROMISING , unless proposal was succesfull accepted by MSC , then we going to start making a fullwork as company production(mean u will get pay everymonth)
specification on our studio

2 base high end i7 RiG with 12GB of ram , and 1 medium i5 RIG for work production
software we use is 3DMAX , After effect and more (will add more if u interested to know more : by PM )

And the lenght of estimation for the developement time is will began on earlier MAY (bulan 5) , there goes 4 month till august ( which is , in august MSC will start anoucing IPCC competition to public)

so the process of project is 4 month start from May till august , next after that is the process of presentation to MSC stage .
for the requirement of team , i now searching 2D enviroment and character concept artist which is very important to play role on creating a scene .
next of the story i might hire few more 3D artist , which i also included

so far firm guys who wanna stick is 3 people , but we cannot it alone , we still need a souce of energy to help us together.

job scope :

[b]Manager/Conductor[/b] : Me and my friend ( org kuat so far hehehe )
[b]story write[/b] - ( as for now i dont need any ppl to do this )
[b]2D concept[/b] : enviroment / character ( 1 people or 2 )
[b]3D modeler[/b] ( up to 2 people )
- scupter ( he going to detail up the model with superb high poly model )
- texture ( he going to bake , make normal , make AA , apply shaders )
- mesh modeling ( he going to make model base on 2D drawing , and make sure the wireframe is good for rigging )
- rigger ( basically we just going to use downloaded rigger and edit it )
[b]renderer 3D / After effect / video [/b] ( up to 2 people )
-matte paint composition / composite
-footage composite / Layering a footage

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IPCC 2011 dah announce ke belum... but better ready start design storyline etc. especially animation category sebab ia memerlukan masa untuk buat animation tuh. Cari team yang commit dengan satu2 tugas tuh supaya tak delay sebarang programme yang di rancangkan tuh dan meet deadline yang ditetapkan. Good luck guys!!!

[size="1"]PS:// aku rasa tahun nie aku still continue untuk buat game under Casual Game category or may be under Mobile Game category. Last year tak menang, but tak salah cuba dan cuba lagi kan... hehehe.[/size]

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[quote name='Navigator®' timestamp='1303871261' post='1067502']
hehehe thnks bro LanoZ

skrg studio dah lengkap

n kitorg tgh buat Pre Production .
Jangan lupe yang animation anda mesti bertemakan "Malaysiana".

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