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Malaysian Sim Racers Season 11

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[url="http://www.malaysiansimracers.com/portal/"][size="6"][font="Franklin Gothic Medium"]Official Website[/font][/size][/url][/center]

[b][size="3"]Keperluan untuk sertai Liga MSR:[/size][/b]
Firstly kena ada game [url="http://http://www.rfactor.net/"]rFactor[/url]

Secondly kena ada wheel
1. Logitech Momo - RM240
2. Logitech G25 - RM890
3. Logitech G27 - RM1100
4. Gamepad pun boleh tapi sangat lah tidak digalakkan

[b][size="3"]Cara untuk sertai Liga MSR:[/size][/b]
1. Beli game rFactor dari : www.rfactor.net .
2. Baca season rules di thread.
3. Download mod dan track files.
4. Pilih kereta dan PM Admin MSR.
5. Admin akan PM balik IP server dan jugak pass.
6. Ready! :D

Itu saja. Lanjut boleh lawat [url="http://www.malaysiansimracers.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=449"]Joining MSR[/url]


[center][size="5"][color="#000080"]Season 11 Mod: Enduracers GT
Duration: July - September 2010[/color][/size][/center]

[b][size="4"][color="#000080"]Promotional Video[/color][/size][/b]


[b][size="4"][color="#000080"]Season Calendar & Results[/color][/size][/b]

[b]ROUND 1[/b] - JULY 16 2010 - [b]Montreal[/b]
[b]ROUND 2[/b] - JULY 23 - [b]Fuji Speedway[/b]
[b]ROUND 3[/b] - JULY 30 - [b]Euro-Ring[/b]
[b]ROUND 4[/b] - AUGUST 6 - [b]Phillip Island[/b]
[b]ROUND 5[/b] - AUGUST 13 - [b]Long Beach[/b]
[b]ROUND 6[/b] - AUGUST 20- [b]Tsukuba[/b]
[b]ROUND 7[/b] - AUGUST 27 - [b]Spa[/b]
[b]ROUND 8[/b] - SEPT 3 - [b]Mid Ohio[/b]
[b]ROUND 9[/b] - SEPT 24 - [b]Monaco
[b][size="4"][color="#000080"]Season 11 Race Format[/color][/size][/b]

[b]QUALIFYING[/b] : 10.35-10.45pm
[b]WARMUP & GRID ARRANGEMENTS[/b] : 10.45-10.55pm
[b]RACE 1[/b] : 10.55-11.15pm
[b]GRID ARRANGEMENT[/b] : 11.15-11.25pm
[b]RACE 2[/b]: 11.25-11.45pm
[b]GRID ARRANGEMENT[/b] : 11.45pm-11.55pm
[b]RACE 3[/b]: 11.55pm-12.15am

[b]TYRE WEAR[/b] : Normal
[b]FUEL[/b] : Normal

[b][size="4"][color="#000080"]Championship Table[/color][/size][/b]

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