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Delete Multiple Data Using Checkbox (php)

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table mark


idTable | assg1 | assg2 | assg3 | test1 | test2


1 40 30 40 70 70

Fungsi : Lecturer boleh pilih nak delete markah assigment atau kuiz yang dikehendaki.So aku guna checkbox.

Problem : Camne cara nak delete dalam column guna checkbox?dah puas mengoogle tapi tak jumpa :(

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delete multiple column?? hmm..

ape kate ko buat box utk delete utk setiap markah tu..
on click, value jadik kosong.. kalo tak click.. die ade value.. and value tu buleh diubah..
after dah edit n check box utk delete..
press submit button.. buat sql utk update dlm table.. kalo ade value boleh edit.. kalo delete.. value akan diupdate jadik kosong..

fahamkan logik ini

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<form name=deleteform method=post action=delete.php>


$query = mysql_query = ("select * from mark") or die (mysql_error());

while($row = myqsl_fetch_array($query))
print "<input type=checkbox name=assignment1>$row['assg1']";
print "<input type=checkbox name=assignment2>$row['assg2']";
print "<input type=checkbox name=assignment3>$row['assg3'];
print "<input type=checkbox name=test1>$row['test1']";
print "<input type=checkbox name=test2>$row['test2']";

<input type=Submit value=Delete name=Submit>

coding ni tak full ... ko kena tambah skit ...

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