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Al-Quraysh: The Muslim Strategy Video Game

"Al-Quraysh" is a strategy game developed by Damascus based Afkar Media, that tells the story of the first 100 years of Islam's history from the viewpoint of four different nations - Bedouins, Arabs, Persians, and Romans.

One can choose to command any of the armies of the four nations or lead the army of the main character, Khaled Ibn Waleed, a Muslim warrior who defeated the Roman and Persian empires and never lost a battle. Or one can play the role of the Bedouin sheikh, who must earn the respect of his tribe. The player has the task of building and protecting trade routes and water sources, building armies, conducting battles, and freeing slaves.

The makers hope "Al-Quraysh," named after the prophet Muhammad's tribe, will help to correct the image of Islam, alleviate tensions with the West, and stoke pride among young Muslims.

Afkar Media has already produced two games, both dealing with the plight of the Palestinian people. One game released last year, "Under Siege," was born out of frustration with the prevalance of Arabs and Muslims portrayed as terrorists in Western video games. The creators of the game say the story line counteracts the biases in some Western games by showing the Palestinian struggle from an Arab vantage point and creating Arab and Muslim characters who are fighting in self-defense.

I haven't had the chance to check out or play any of the AfkarMedia games, although I truly wish I get to, but I think it's great that they're out there and doing all this amazing work.

I also like their choice of subjects and the messages they're trying to get across through their games.


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Jangan melalaikan sudah.

walau apa-apa pun, ini adalah sebuah usaha yang baik dalam bidang permainan game.

boleh jadikan riadah.

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