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Ram Ddr3 Utk Pc..

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salam sumer..

aku ader bende nk tanya sket ah..

betol ker ram skang da ader ddr3?

tadi membe aku ade cakap..

die kate die ader terjumpe info skang da ader ddr3..

aku cari terjumpe plak nih..

DDR3 RAM still 18 months away

By John | Related entries in Windows Vista, IE7

With the news that Windows Vista will need fast DDR3 RAM memory for optimum performance, we have been looking around at what people are blogging about the product, especially the timelines.

BitTech believes that : “DDR3 will be the new memory technology for the platforms of the future, but that isn’t going to start arriving until the very end of 2006 and the beginning of 2007. However, when it does arrive it’s going to scale up to 1600MHz. … In the meantime, it looks as though DDR3 is only going to be on graphics cards for the foreseeable future.â€

Tom’s Hardware reports : “Elpida and Hynix showcased DDR3 modules at Intel’s developer forum for the first time. The technology, however, is at least another 18 months out and manufacturers are currently gearing up to deliver fully-buffered DIMMs for the first quarter of next year.â€

PC World writes : “Elpida Memory has completed development of its first DDR3 memory chip, the company said Wednesday. DDR3 is an improvement on existing computer memory and should help increase performance in personal computers, particularly in the area of multimedia applications. … Elpida’s DDR3 chip works at 1.3 GHz.â€

credit to http://www.windowsvistaweblog.com/2005/09/...18-months-away/

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