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Maxthon Tabbed Browser

Recent release version : 1.3.1

v1.3.1 [2005-05-31]

+ New RSS notify popup.

+ New appreciation service - favorite service.

* Do not change focus away from address bar when inputing addresses.

+ 'Open offline' to start dialog.

+ Advanced option: Do not auto-refresh current tab.

+ Do not need confirmation when existing Maxthon, if only 1 blank page is opened.

* Click on status bar IP address pane to copy the ip to clipboard.

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CPU-Z 1.29

[Friday, June 03, 2005]

CPU-Z has been updated to its 1.29 version :

New PCI devices report.

Switch for VCore report in .ini file.

VCore report on some uGuru mainboards.

Improved clocks computation.

Improved support for latest AMD CPUs, Celeron D 3x1 (EM64T).

Improved support for SiS 649, 650 and 656 chipsets, Intel 915PM chipset.

Improved stability when several instances of CPU-Z are running in the same time.

Restored html report in ghost mode (see "Parameters" chapter above).


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aku pakai ad-aware kurang bagus pasal dia x dpt detect spyware/trojan/virus etc. dlm pc aku...pastu tuko Spybot - Search & Destroy...hambekk...33 virus found!...pastu terus gune tu je..

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joetbg_x, Impreza_2004 dan lain lain. aku rase baik korang cume perlu edit je post yang pertama. nak baca satu satu post, pening la~. buat kategori sekali.

btw, nice job. keep it up. thanx in advance. smile.gif

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klu edit post, tak bertambah la jumlah posting aku. hehehe..

kat sini, aku utamakan software update utk antivirus & antispyware yg free edition. tak semua pc kat pelawat putera.com ni ada AV & AS nih. so, biar diorang pilih yg free je klu nak. say NO to [biskut tawar].

firewall plak ikut taste. klu rasa nak post, aku post la.

& software lain2 tu mcm YM, WinZip, dll pun ikut taste klu nak post.

memandangkan ini board pasal security, utamakan software security je la.

user lain pun leh post klu ada program update baru. aku ni pun bukan ada masa ngat nak post update.

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