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Found 3 results

  1. The well renowned and widely used Lotus Notes and Outlook are desktop based emailing applications. The Outlook application is develop by Microsoft that stores files in .pst format whereas Lotus Notes is developed by IBM and works in .nsf format. NSF stands for ‘Notes Storage Facility’, that stores data in small document type units known as ‘notes’. Lotus Notes allow user to view emails even in offline mode.   For Instance, a firm that works on multiple platforms (such as Lotus Notes and Outlook), it is difficult for Outlook clients to view NSF files while sharing of such files from Lotus Notes client. It sometimes affects the performance of both the staff and the organization. The need arises for the conversion of file formats in order to make them accessible for multiple users in an organization. Here in order to make NSF files accessible to PST clients, the task is to Export Lotus Notes email to Outlook PST File. To view NSF files in PST format in Outlook, the NSF files can be exported to PST files. This task can be done by using Export Notes Software.   The Technical Solution Exists with Export Notes   The technical solution to export Lotus Notes email to Outlook PST file exists, and it can be done by Export Notes Software. The software is accessorized with following features:   1.   Makes file Accessible over Multiple Platforms: It allow you to export NSF files and to convert it in PST form, so that it can be accessed by MS Outlook clients. 2.   Multiple Options to choose From: It offers to choose among multiple available features like if you want to export mail files, calendars, contacts, tasks, etc, to PST file format. 3.   Incredible ‘Email Filters’ Feature: This feature allow you  to export selected files providing following criteria: Received on Interval: This feature allow you to export NSF files received at particular period of time. Suppose if you want to export previous year files from ‘2 March 2013’ to ‘1 September 2013’, you can simply choose this option and export your NSF files to PST format. Exclude Folder(s): This option provides you with ease of excluding any folders that you wish to keep in NSF format. Exclude Deleted Items: You can tick on this checkbox if you don’t require exporting Deleted Items contents. Exclude Sent Items: Likewise, if you wish to keep your Sent Items contents unchanged, you can tick on the checkbox provided with this option. The export Lotus Notes email to Outlook PST file tool comes with some other astonishing features as well. It also shows the Status Report of the files that are in process. You can save the new PST files in new folders without effecting original NSF files’ folders.   Some of the prerequisites with this software are that the Lotus Notes and Outlook should be installed on your system and Lotus Notes should not be connected with Lotus Domino Server.   Get Free Trail Version Demo For This Software:- http://www.lotustooutlook.com/
  2. NSF to PST Converter is designed to convert all the mailboxes from Lotus Notes into mailboxes of MS Exchange securely and safely. With this tool, all you need to scan the desired path to locate files and export the selected files into PST archive file with same attachments and properties. All the emails, attached emails and documents, address book, appointments, tasks, journals, folders, notes, subfolders are exported from NSF file. In addition, the hierarchy of entire database remains intact and unchanged during the process of conversion. We are offering free demo version of this tool to analyze its functions, features and, of course, its efficiency: http://www.filesrepairtool.com/nsf-to-pst-conversion.html
  3. Checkout Another helpful Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook with all emails, calendars, tasks in PST file format and NSF contacts in separate PST fire format. After conversion all Meta information will remain same, as conversion from NSF to PST file format couldn’t be possible manually. Thus this software is a very good solution to opt. Special filters is also available to make process easy and accurate. Read more :- http://www.mannatsoftware.com/kernel-lotus-notes-to-outlook.html
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