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  1. In uk they are mostly using 5G apps /system in all the big companies if you lost files to a failing hard drive, or accidentally deleted them with 5G data recovery applications to help you get back them .So its good which TM decided to have their 5G with own infra n stand alone
  2. Why not just leave it to TM for this 5G as they already have the infra, or work together with them etc. and also they even a very strong and a big team for them to work ..so i think surely will be ok
  3. Actually in china even they have device for cows monitor via 5G .The cow wear 5G connected collars that send data to the app on everything from what they are eating how they are sleeping So farmer can see the infor instantly and pass it on to veterinaries or nutritionists.
  4. True and the 5G speed includes both the rate mobile users can download data to their devices and the latency, or lag, they experience between sending and receiving information too..not bad , When TM tried this kind of networks, as a malaysia feel proud !! Faster launch it plzz
  5. Tm dah ada fiber diorang sendiri, aku ada baca 540,000km fibre optic diorang ada. Collab je la dgn tm, confirm2 hado dah infra nya. Then telco lain still x nak collab dgn diorang, masih nak cari telco yg senasib juga dgn dia dah kenapa. Omg aku tak bleh brain la benda2 mcm ni, bleh fikir logik kot.
  6. Surely the price will expensive but its based on the availability .Because 5G will provide the speed that we expecting as speed as we want...low latency and connectivity to enable new generation of application, services and business opportunities that have not been seen before.
  7. actually 5G dan 4G ada difference,5G tu secara meluas dipercayai lebih smart, lebih fast dan lebih stable daripada 4G.saya believe 5G tu mesti boleh membantu banyak org dan bring banyak benefits kpd future.
  8. wowww,idea tu bagus lah.5G tu mesti boleh membantu banyak org dan bring banyak benefits kpd future.i pun dah baca artikel 5G,dia org sekarang testing one of their feature,Perkongsian Dynamic Spectrum,untuk menyokong teknologi mudah alih yang berbeza, secara dinamik......harap tu release fast!!!can't wait to tryyyyy!!!!
  9. good thing,i dah baca artikel yg 5G punya.TM sekarang nak test salah 1 function dia.Perkongsian Dynamic Spectrum,tu mana tu boleh menyokong teknologi mudah alih yang berbeza, secara dinamik.i wonder bila 5G tu datang,saya nak try tu so baddd!!!
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