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  1. TM 5G could support up to 100 times more devices than 4G , so hoping their network also will stable and wont disappointing as other telco..eagerly yo see the result of 5G once launch
  2. I have doubt ,now thr are so many different devices connected to 3G & 4G .networks, whch that they dont have the infra to cope effectively also... bt then now suddenly want to have 5G is that able to handle the current devices and emerging technologies ????
  3. i hear tm gona have own infra ?? bt its wont taking long time to do it ? Why not they just share with other or try to fix it to better 4G ??
  4. Not bad when heard TM is work on 5G for malaysia bUT is that TM should be doing the 5G or work with TM for th 5G ?? Hope they cn work on it and give us a better services and coverage as well
  5. But is that really 5G will works? Because i am using 5G maxis quite bad as i experienced .Its almost same as4G so y not just cn stick with 4G rather than change to 5G ?
  6. janganlah risau hahaha,saya pernah guna mxis too,tapi line dia sangat slow.tapi kawan saya recommend saya try TM unifi,compared dgn telko lain,connection dia memang bagus. kira2 5G pun sama,org dia akan test until line dia boleh guna dgn lebih ok lar tu ..n i tak sabar nak tengok upgrade dorg dlm pelangai sistem juga...
  7. of course yer,org dia akan membina infra mereka sendiri. tapi ada org ckp mesti ambil mengambil masa utk buat infra 5G smua nii..tapi i still tak sbr utk guna 5G pun..kalau sesiapa taw infor psl 5G TM Malaysia ni olong share boleh ? sbb nak tau lar bila akan launch...
  8. indeed,bukan tu je.sbb TM pun tengah test 5G lagi.tapi i rasa lar 5G TM should be ok lar sebab sebelum i guna TIME dgn TM 4G so far not bad lar ..lagi bila baca psl TM 5G nampak menarik juga..check link kt bawah tu https://www.malaymail.com/news/tech-gadgets/2019/12/03/tm-aims-to-be-the-first-5g-standalone-network-in-malaysia/1815425
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