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  1. ***Hanya utk org KK ya (kecuali yg tinggal di pedalaman sanggup dtg lawat sya)*** I offer services such as installing games(PAGE1) and updating Xbox dashboard(PAGE2).   PAGE1 Install Games (1 game for RM8, 3 games for RM20) *If you have the game disc, I charge 1 game for RM3, 5 games for RM10* List of Games (Please note that you must have an external hard drive for me to install the games) Xbox: # -2014 FIFA World Cup A -Assassin's Creed Brotherhood  -Assassin's Creed Revelations -Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare  -Angry Birds Star Wars  -Assassin's Creed  -Assassin's Creed II -Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag  -Assassin's Creed Rogue  -Assassin's Creed III -Alvin & the Chipmunks 3 B -Batman Arkham City  -Batman Arkham Origins  -Battlefield 3  -Battlefield 4  -Bayonetta -BioShock Infinite  -Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel  -Bully Scholarship Edition C -Call of Duty: Ghosts  -Captain America  -Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 -Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3  -Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare  -Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Crysis 2  -CSI: Fatal Conspiracy D -Dark Souls II  -Dead or Alive 5  -Dead Rising 2  -Deadpool  -Devil May Cry 5 -Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls  -Disney Epic Mickey 2  -Disney Universe  -Dynasty Warriors 8 F -Fallout 3  -Far Cry 4  -FIFA 15  -Final Fantasy XIII  -Final Fantasy XIII-2  -Forza Horizon 2 -Forza Motorsport 4 G -GTA V  -GTA San Andreas H -Halo 4  -Hitman: Absolution I -Ice Age 4  -Injustice: Gods Among Us L -Left 4 Dead 2  -LEGO Batman 3  -LEGO Marvel M -Madagascar 3  -Metal Gear Rising  -Midnight Club: LA  -MotoGP 14 N -Naughty Bear  -Need for Speed Rivals  -Need for Speed Hot Pursuit  -Ninety-Nine Nights -Ninja Gaiden 2  -Ninja Gaiden 3  -Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution P -Persona 4 Arena  -Puss in Boots R -Raiden IV  -Red Dead Redemption  -Resident Evil 6  -Resident Evil Revelations  -Resonance of Fate  -Ridge Racer Unbounded S -Sacred 3  -Saints Row IV  -Silent Hill Downpour  -Skyrim  -Sleeping Dogs  -Sniper Elite 3  -Sonic & SEGA Racing  -South Park: The Stick of Truth  -Spec Ops: The Line  -Street Fighter IV -Street Fighter X Tekken T -Tekken Tag Tournament 2  -The Amazing Spider-Man  -The Godfather II  -The Simpsons Game -Tintin  -Tomb Raider  -Top Spin 4  -Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark  -Tropico 5 U -Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3  -UFC Undisputed 3  W -WatchDogs  -Wipeout Create & Crash  -World Rally Championship 4  -WWE 2K15 Y -Young Justice: Legacy Z -Zoo Tycoon  -Zumba Fitness   Xbox Kinect: D -Dance Central  -Dragon Ball ZZ for Kinect H -Harry Potter for Kinect J -Just Dance 2015  -Just Dance 3 K -Kinect Joy Ride  -Kinect Star Wars  -Kinectimals  -Kung-Fu High Impact M -Michael Jackson: The Experience R -Rabbids Invasion  -Rapala for kinect T -The Biggest Loser 2  -The Gunstringer  -Top Gun: Hard Lock W -Wipeout In The Zone Y -Your Shape: FE W -Zumba Fitness   Xbox Live Arcade Games: (Some may require the use of Kinect) # -3 on 3 NHL Arcade A -All Zombies Must Die B -Babel Rising  -Bastion G -Galaga Legions DX  -Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition H -Hole in the Wall  -Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition R -Realms of Ancient War  -Raskulls  -Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien S -Sacred Citadel  -Skulls of the Shogun T -Terraria  -The Walking Dead  -Torchlight   PAGE2 Updating Xbox Dashboard version is very important because some games may require the latest dashboard update to run. The latest kernel update is 17150. The process is not risky but it takes time which is why I charge RM30 for this service. It’s worth the money because there are stores out there that charges people a lot higher to update.           Other than updating Xbox dashboard kernel version, I can fix software-related problems too.
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