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  1. tu SETEL ke  ? blh bayar dlm apps tu , tapi ya hanya di PETRONAS sahja

    16 hours ago, bigguy said:

    Well actually u can go for food panda or grab food, but once the order for them is really peak session, so u have to drive by own right?? but i still figure it out how to can use apps for petrol

    By the way i heard the advertisement show the setel apps?? but i curious the apps only for petronas how about for the rest of the petrol station, this must be cons for the apps  

    28 minutes ago, matahary said:

    there has a place also may keep expose virus if there are not precaution , ie petrol station   

    Hey, do u know not only the petrol station have virus too, how about your car?? your car also full of virus. the place u fill the petrol full of virus because of the car we dont clean properly. 

  2. On 9/28/2019 at 7:05 AM, Henrykim said:

    U mobile?? aku try dah, tak cpt lgsung, Sbb data banyak dan loading lambat, Celcom coverage bgs, dan cari mklumat cpt sikit...

    Setuju dgn statement ni. Aq hangin betul dgn line umobile... mcm TT ni sesuai amik prepaid plan jeala memandangkan si TT ni pun masih keje part time 

  3. Used Carousell before, sold my Huawei P20 Pro for RM 2k just so I can get my hands on the new P30 Pro :D:D The response time over there is pretty good I would say, received quite a few Pm's already just after one day of posting.

    Mind asking how is your dealing process? The buyer directly bank-in to you and you post it to him after receiving the money? Or did you guys arrange to meet-up first before sealing the deal?

  4. Is there any other place that takes in old smartphones also other than phone shops? Never had I heard before about it, usually if we want to trade in phones we would immediately think of phone shops.

    Not necessarily phone shops, shops that sell electronic gadgets such as Senheng also willing to accept old phones as trade-in to deduct the amount required to pay when buying new phones, but need to see the condition of the phone also.

    U have to sell to people who are really need, because they really can offer a good price...

    Yeah selling second hand to other people is another option also, some people dont want to spend so much on getting new phones so they prefer to get a second hand one at a cheaper price.

  5. saya suka layan iklan raya sebab biasanya banyak pengajaran... dekat youtube dah makin banyak yang trending... 

    aq memang kagum ngn iklan2 raya, intipati dia memang deep walaupun setakat seminit dua.

    Iklan raya TM tiap2 tahun mmg bermakna, mcm mana dgn iklan raya TM thn ni? Dh keluar ke blm?

    Saya pon, tiap2 thn x sabar2 nak tgk :lol:

    haah la, TM punya iklan raya tak jumpa. Takkan tak keluar lagi kot, raya nak dekat oi.

  6. There is also a special function for seller where there is a chart-like button where by clicking it you can have a look at how many people had viewed your particular item, so if you see there is quite a high view but no one had PM you yet probably you should decrease your price by a bit.

    There are also auto bumping functions in Carousell and if you are really urgent about selling something you can try out the urgent bump function also, just need to pay a little more and it will push up your selling post twice a day, increasing the chances of customers to see what you are selling, for more information can refer here.


  7. nowadays got so many online platform, normally ppl choose based on which one provide greater sales. Its abit too difficult for elders to buy online as the apps not easy to use

    Can't say for other online platforms but imo Carousell is very easy to use whether you want to buy or sell, even my parents aren't really technology savvy are able to use it without any problem, you can proceed to this link for easy steps to sell your unused items on Carousell 

    Well you can put in the effort to make some interesting captions or descriptions on your items to look more attractive than the others so that customers would be attracted to visit your online shop, pretty easy to be done on Carousell I would say.

    You can just do it directly with the photo editor that is within the Carousell app itself, the functions are not so complicated compared to those that you download externally and by putting the captions on your photo itself would increase the chances of you selling your items as not everyone would click inside to see the description everytime. 

  8. those idol CDs can be sell in high price! i've seen it in online platform and some of it is like double the original price

    Well last time during house cleaning I also dug out a whole box of old school CD's from the storeroom which belonged to my dad, he said he wasn't interested in keeping them anymore and we decided to sell them off on Carousell, earned quite a bit from selling them, even higher than the price my dad bought them for last time.

    old people prefer buying things from shop, many of them dislike buying online. I think just post ur item online and then alot of people can view your product

    Well if you sell at platform that a lot people are visiting whether they are old or young such as Carousell then I'm sure whatever that you are selling would find their buyer soon enough.

  9. Korang kalau ada pape nak jual boleh tgk kat carousell...Bagi saya, bab jual-jual ni carousell the best place... sebab dorang ada several feature untuk help jual barang... macam spotlight ngan bumps... and the best part is, korang boleh set kan the feature as you want them and ikut bajet korang..   

    yang aku tahu ada je yang boleh pilih meet up... tapi yang paling selamat carousell la.. korang set up bila ngan kat mana nak jumpa dalam apps tu je.. tak payah nak bagitau nombor sendiri..   

    yep selain meet up, sebelum nak beli tu boleh join groups. dalam tu kalau just tanya dorang je. lagi memudahkan kerja 



    takde kedai basikal yg berdekatan ngan rumah? takya nak delivery, boleh beli sendiri

    dia nak cari yang murah tu. kat kedai selalu harga mmg mahal. beli la kat carousell ke selalu orang jual yg mana terpakai or even kadang yang baru. harga murah. saya kalau ada barang tak pakai pun memang akan jual kat sana

  11. jika pilih s6 ada 2 harga utk device..RM1488 , RM2288. Bleh guna 2 sim kad. Ade 3GB Internet + 3GB complimentary Celcom WiFi.

    200 mins + 200 SMS utk semua networks..

    S5 ada RM1938 atau Rm1138. RM1938 device utk single sim usage .

    RM1138 adalah harga  postpaid First Elite dual sim

    digi lbh murah 7gb baru 148. 

  12. spt yg dikatakan kat atas masih dpt beli ke?

    g RM5 je dulu klo beli simkad baru min pun RM8 yg aq ingat haha

    dah dpt beli, mmg hanya 5rgt je

    agent jual tu suruh layar website xpax ada benda free

    dia pon tunjuk websitenya, kata blh redeem satu free sim pack

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