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  1. I looking for mask but, all pharmacy are temporary out of stock, if some of you sell the mask pls private message me For me i ald pack before the 14 days, i buy a lot at home and i afraid the might be extend the period, we so concern about the problem, as the case cause a lot people dead and a lot of people still faced covid 19 and i so worry about it
  2. Geram nya aku, aku main Mobile legend lag, sbb Maxis home fiber too, jadi aku kalah game tu, sepatutnya MVP ialah aku Wow, main game dgn 5G mesti cpt lah...
  3. TM choose to stand alone, is the way to become all Malaysian more convenient
  4. TM create this 5G are not only apply on what u mention just now, there can be apply for business too...
  5. Right now is 5G era, what telco should be choose are not so important, as long as this 5G able to lead us to more convenient Actually those non stand alone Telco, have their own benefit, they could be apply for smart phone or mobile phone, because this 5G might be apply on transportation or any others infrastructure... then this more reliable for them
  6. When they launch memorandum?? and when they sign?? Thx for info right now i know what is it
  7. Unifi had the past history , lagging problem and no line, thats why problem is they What?? so fast is mean once they are done then ready to launch..
  8. Selain save cost, lagi maanfaat bagi seluruh Malaysian
  9. Tapi apply kat mana sektor ??
  10. it could be happen, because not about line is fast and also many technology need 5G to run it
  11. If them work together not only save time, the cost, the labor and share the place to prepare this 5G ...
  12. Selain kat pelbagai sektor, masa akan dtg akan jadi seperti singapura, internet yg cpt, dpt control dgn 5G
  13. Well, what we know is 4G is just limit us at phone internet, but not available for those industry with heavy internet in order to control over those technology, so 5G play vital role to increase their productivity
  14. Kos akan jadi efektif, maksud tu, kita dpt enjoy harga yg murah dgn 5G , tu bestlah
  15. If they collaborate together with other Telco, they must be faster line and everyone can enjoy low cost line...
  16. Telco lain mcm mana nak stand aloneļ¼Ÿ mereka tu bazir byk kat 4G...
  17. 5G ni, dalam bidang sains forensik sgt penting, sbb sains forensik ni, perlu byk technology yg modern dan perlu 5G dpt laksanakan Tapi ni related kat 5G dpt selesaikan kes tu, bukan mention tentang apa apa Telco
  18. As we know not the telco issue, is related to 5G, because those Telco can be collaborate and make everything smoothly, as 5G can resolve a lot of matter Really Walmart technology can apply to Malaysia, maybe they make car park with those robot, those robot just like help to parking the car??
  19. Mmg kalau masa era 6G, seluruh negara dpt layari dengan cpt kan
  20. Yes, as new Zealand, they can control their cow, check their health and productivity in order to improve those cow health, can give a better milk to our human being As we the era of 5G can be improved, not only in animal, human may need to, Say good to farmer, and clap to innovator to improve work life balance for the farmer , they can utilize of this 5G to control those cow and those plant, and balance the time they can enjoy a good moment with their family
  21. Not only track at those common thing, they might be test on stress level and advice for you how to relax your nervous and your tighten muscle Kalau rakyat kat luar bandar tu mesti susah pergi ke bandar, kalau mereka ada 5G, ada network luar bandar, doctor tak payah susah nak dtg ke luar bandar, Tapi mahal kan??
  22. Kalau ada robot mmg best, lagi pun nurse tak payah susah susah je
  23. Current technology with a lot of expert, so, they can repair and make sure everything is safe and less issue So, we no need human being to help us to clean the house, i think this is good for those senior citizen...
  24. Wow, drone how can use it for farm?? Yes, those line can achieve those target u mention just now
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