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  1. Haah umobile pun dpt dlm RM300. Aku rasa celcom la kot rebate yg sampai RM360 boleh tebus
  2. Tula nak compare dulu mana berbaloi tapi celcom pun mcm best je dpt rebat lgi bnyk
  3. Boleh je check kat website mana2 telco kot. Tapi x sure telco lain2 punya rebate tu sama bnyk atau lebih kurang sama
  4. vivo pun okay jugak kalau main game. Mmg susah nak cari phone yg bawah 1k kalau yg best buat gaming ni
  5. I looking for mask but, all pharmacy are temporary out of stock, if some of you sell the mask pls private message me For me i ald pack before the 14 days, i buy a lot at home and i afraid the might be extend the period, we so concern about the problem, as the case cause a lot people dead and a lot of people still faced covid 19 and i so worry about it
  6. Geram nya aku, aku main Mobile legend lag, sbb Maxis home fiber too, jadi aku kalah game tu, sepatutnya MVP ialah aku Wow, main game dgn 5G mesti cpt lah...
  7. TM choose to stand alone, is the way to become all Malaysian more convenient
  8. TM create this 5G are not only apply on what u mention just now, there can be apply for business too...
  9. Right now is 5G era, what telco should be choose are not so important, as long as this 5G able to lead us to more convenient Actually those non stand alone Telco, have their own benefit, they could be apply for smart phone or mobile phone, because this 5G might be apply on transportation or any others infrastructure... then this more reliable for them
  10. When they launch memorandum?? and when they sign?? Thx for info right now i know what is it
  11. Unifi had the past history , lagging problem and no line, thats why problem is they What?? so fast is mean once they are done then ready to launch..
  12. Selain save cost, lagi maanfaat bagi seluruh Malaysian
  13. Tapi apply kat mana sektor ??
  14. it could be happen, because not about line is fast and also many technology need 5G to run it
  15. If them work together not only save time, the cost, the labor and share the place to prepare this 5G ...
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