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    Playing computer games,playing PS2 games and doing World War 2 reenactments activities,especially Waffen SS reenactments and Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) reenactments

    kepada sesiapa yang berminat dgn aktiviti2/hobi reenactments Perang Dunia Kedua,lelagi dr sudut pandangan Waffen SS,sila add saya di FB,ni email saya [email protected] atau terus email ke email utama saya [email protected] ^_^
  1. Assalamualaikum semua,brp ramai di sini yang main game2 ketenteraan online seperti World of Warships,World of Tanks,Armored Warfare,War Thunder dan lain2????
  2. Game RTS Terbaru Naval War Arctic Circle Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NavalWarArcticCircle Twitter: http://twitter.com/navalwar Forum: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/ Web page: http://www.paradoxplaza.com/games/naval-war-arctic-circle Strategic and tactical battle for world domination on, under and above the open seas. Take on the enemy as commander of the awesome contemporary navy of either NATO, the Nordic Alliance, Russia or the United States. Naval War: Arctic Circle is a first in a series of Real Time Strategy (RTS) games where the player battle enemy naval and aerial forces questing for power and ultimate world domination. The game play takes place along the Norwegian and British coast, through Iceland and Greenland all the way to the North Americas and the North West Passage. In the Naval War game series the player will, in addition to the game campaigns, be able to play in skirmish, LAN and on-line modes, controlling a selected fraction from the original campaigns. In Arctic Circle, the fractions includes the United States, the Russian federation, the Nordic countries and NATO. Ultimately, Naval War: Arctic Circle tells a story about a power struggle for control of the world's resources and supply lines in the Polar Regions. Features •Two campaign modes, telling a narrative from Russian and NATO sides •On-line play through LAN as well as over the Internet •Enormous area of game play space, with over 35 million square km of open sea and coast line •Extreme long range guided and self-guided weaponry; if you can detect the enemy, it will be possible to strike •Vertical game play, from orbit aerial units to the bottom of the ocean floor through a seamless zoomable map of the entire North Atlantic Ocean •Detection and evasion focus with realistic sensory measures and countermeasures yielding a strategic game experience based on stealth rater than head on tactical battle •Great detail in unit management with fewer but more powerful units making selection and management more distinguishable and less cluttered with an unparalelled level of individual detail •Realistic weather model, with real world implications for tactical and strategical deployment of resources at hand •Real world units, with all major powers. Both contemporary and experimental surface, subsurface and aerial units
  3. Assalamualaikum.Saya ingin tahu,ada x sesiapa di antara para ahli2 forum di sini sedang belajar di politeknik Merlimau,Melaka atau bekas pelajar politeknik Merlimau,Melaka???
  4. Sesiapa yang menonton gundam seed destiny versi bahasa melayu jam 9.30 pagi tadi di tv2?Shin akan beraksi esok melawan gundam yang dirampas oleh EA/OMNI. Tidak sabar pulak menunggu kemunculan Strike Freedom Gundam.
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