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  1. Werfkjl added a post in a topic Samsung Data Recovery - How To Recover Deleted Data From Samsung Phone   

    You can use Android Mobile Recovery for this purpose. There are many other applications also but this is easy to use. I have used it myself and I have recovered deleted SMS from my Samsung.
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  2. Werfkjl added a post in a topic See How Easily You Can Recover Deleted Photos From Samsung   

    Samsung Photo Recovery can helps to restore your lost and deleted data including contacts, messaging, photos, videos, call logs, WhatsApp chats and more on any Samsung smartphones and tablets directly, and get back your lost data from your SD card with a click.
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  3. Werfkjl added a post in a topic How To Backup Android Mobile Phone Messages   

    I think this need a good Android Transfer tool for you can use it to transfer any data like contacts, text messages, memos, music and more to pc.
    how to transfer text messages from android to computer
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  4. Werfkjl added a topic in Macintosh   

    Recover deleted files from Android
    With the popularity of Android smart phones, almost all users will store some of the important data on their mobile phones. And among the data of the users store on the Android, some of them are photos, messages, contacts and some personal information. Is this kind of file safe? Once data loss happens, how big this loss will be? Any way to bring back the lost data?

    Actually,we have chance to recover files from Android no matter lost or deleted. The Vibosoft DR. Mobile for Android is the world’s first data recovery program for Android mobile phone users to recover deleted files from Android directly. This Android Data Recovery also can help you restore lost messages, photos and videos from Samsung, HTC, LG ,ect.

    First of all, connect your Android phone to compute before you install and run Vibosoft Android Data Recovery program.

    Then you should enable USB debugging mode on your Android phone. After that there will be a few seconds for the program to scan lost data from Android phone.

    After scanning, you can preview all of your lost files details, you just select the data you need and start to recover.

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  5. Werfkjl added a topic in Macintosh   

    How To Print Text Messages From Iphone
    I have a year long text conversation saved on my Iphone that I need to print off for a court case. Is there anyway to print this while maintaining the date and time stamp other than taking snapshots of the text. I have a lot of data including pictures. You may encounter some difficulties when you need to print your text messages on your iPhone device.Because you couldn't print out the messages directly, you need export Text messages to computer first. Here I would recommend you download "Vibosoft iPhone Backup Extractor" which will save the text conversation in the iPhone computer and you can print it out that way. how to print text messages from iphone Step 1: First of all, you need to download and install the program. Step 2: After installment, run it and connect your iPhone to computer. Step 3: It will scan your iPhone automatically.Then you can select your text message and "Recover", it will be exported to your computer. Step 4: Now the messages are saved as a HTML file for you to print. Itazines not initially that the particular Vibosoft Software program Corporation offers hit a property run with one of its software packages. The businesss info recovery tools are also very useful and have been enjoyed by thousands associated with Windows as well as Mac customers during recent years years. So next time you want to print your messages, turn to Vibosoft iPhone Backup Extractor ( iPhone Extractor for Mac). It will enable you get an ideal printing messages without any loss. Nowadays it becomes a fashion lifestyle to use IOS devices. So there are an increasing number of IOS devices users.
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